Kids-R-Intuitive Children’s Workshop
After School Program
Children’s Meditation Classes

The Kids-R-Intuitive Workshop is a fun and creative children’s workshop developed by Rosemary for children 4-8, based on her award winning picture book, Genevieve’s Gift.


Childrens Workshop, After School Program leaderThrough a series of fun exercises, storytelling, drawing, simple meditation, and creative visualizations, children will learn how to:

  • Link creativity to their inner wisdom
  • Release fear and stress, cultivate courage and self-respect
  • Give voice to their feelings
  • Self-awareness through the mind/body/spirit connection
  • Appreciation of our human connectedness to Nature and each other

These tools can be utilized in all facets of a child’s life like:

  • Determining when a situation feels off or threatening
  • Standing strong and true to oneself in the face of peer pressure
  • Playing sports
  • Drawing an expressive painting
  • Feeling confident to express creativity and participate in class


One Session Workshop:
Includes a movement exercise, fun and animated reading of Genevieve’s Gift, Q and A period, guided visualization/meditation, drawing exercise, games, singing and more!
Workshop activities are tailored based on age and number of children participating. Can also be expanded to an ongoing, after school program.

If you, your child’s teacher, or teacher’s aid would like to schedule a children’s workshop at home, school, library, house of worship, yoga center, or homeschooling group, please email

Rosemary is a certified Children’s Meditation Facilitator from Satya International, Asheville, NC, and is certified from the IM School of Healing Arts, New York, NY. Rosemary splits her time between Nyack, NY and New York City.