Meet Genevieve and her fabulous pets!

Genevieve is a feisty and fun six-year old. She has a dog named Elvis, a canary named Arlo, and two gold fish, Jay and Lo-Lo.

Genevieve absolutely loves to sing. In fact, she’d rather sing than do just about anything else. One day, she receives an invitation to her best friend Maya’s birthday party. She wants to give Maya a super special gift, but after thinking, and thinking, and thinking, no idea feels quite right. That is, until her mom teaches her how to connect with her heart, and she discovers the perfect solution: she’ll create a special birthday song for Maya!

Click on the musical notes below to hear Genevieve sing!

Genevieve would love it if you would join her in learning how to connect with your heart.
Click on the heart below to hear her mom show you how —