Rosemary Serluca-Foster is an Award-Winning Children’s Book Author, Certified Children’s Meditation Facilitator and more!

Rosemary conceived the character Genevieve, and wrote a wonderful story about her: Genevieve’s Gift.

“I am completely dedicated to helping children stay in touch with their true selves and the intuitive voice of their own hearts.  So many of us lose that connection while growing up, and then spend the rest of our lives trying to re-discover it.
Genevieve represents that intuitive, creative part of us that longs for authentic expression. To live life in truth and on purpose.  My hope is to offer children and adults a simple and fun way to keep that connection alive and well.”

Rosemary is an accomplished producer, writer, story book author, and children’s conference leader. (For her additional writing and editing credits please visit  She is also a Certified Children’s Meditation Facilitator from Satya International, Asheville, NC, and an Ordained Interfaith Minister and  Certified Energy Healing Facilitator  from the IM School of Healing Arts, New York, NY. (Visit

Rosemary has appeared on the  TV talk shows Iyanla, (ABC, Host: Iyanla Van Zant), and Ask E. Jean (America’s Talking Network, CNBC, Host: Elle magazine columnist, E. Jean Carroll).

You can schedule energy healing and intuitive body scanning sessions with Rosemary by visiting

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