What are fans saying about Genevieve’s Gift? Meaningful Children’s Reading…

“In a time when we have access to many material things, Genevieve’s Gift offers a wonderful message to teach children that special gifts can come from the heart.  It demonstrates a way for children to appreciate what they might have to offer others and to be guided from within.”
Mary Hart, Director, ChildSpirit Institute.  

Genevieve’s Gift is a beautiful book that teaches children to remain calm and centered in the midst of painful experiences. By being true to herself, Genevieve learns the value of listening to her heart and she uses this to keep her dreams alive!  Great aid for teachers as well.”
Pam Garcy, Ph.D. Author of The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On. www.myinnerguide.com.

“It’s the best story I’ve ever heard because I also like to sing like Genevieve and a friend singing is the biggest present I could ever have from someone. I wish it could happen to me.”
— Alana, Student, Grade 2, United Nations International School, New York, NY.

“Genevieve’s Gift manages to express something as natural as the inherently open heart of a child. The combination of Betsy Franco Feeney’s powerfully innocent illustrations and Rosemary’s sensitive and intuitive sensibility, this small children’s reading book accomplishes the near impossible: a state of Being the magical reality of a child.”
Jerry Wennstrom — artist, author of The Inspired Heart and subject the documentary film, In the Hands of Alchemy. www.handsofalchemy.com.

“If we all listened to our hearts the world would be a more peaceful place. Genevieve’s Gift teaches children to trust themselves and reminds adults that sometimes the right answers will just come to us if we take a moment to stop and listen to our powerful inner voice. My students really enjoyed the story and listened to it with mouths open and love in their eyes. They walked away with a new strategy for solving their own problems. A winner!”
— Karen Ager, Teacher, United Nations International School, New York, NY.

“Genevieve’s Gift is a wonderful reminder for all of us to “listen to our hearts.” Rosemary Serluca-Foster’s story is a tool for self awareness, encouraging children to use thier intuition to make mindful choices. Share this book with all of the children in your life and help build a better future for our world through reading.”
– Bridgid Beames, Head of School, Namaste Montessori School, Trumansburg, NY.

“I like the story because it is funny and most stories that are short are not that good. But this one is good!”
— Preston, Student, Grade 2, United Nations International School, New York, NY.

“What a wonderful story and message for children to feel confident in following their heart.”
Jennifer Salness, co-creator of Whispers of Spirit

“Rosemary Serluca-Foster is a real talent and her story is heart felt and applies to all children, young and old, who have ever experienced trepidation at expressing that still, quiet voice inside. Her book teaches us about the joy of simple presents and the growth of trust in one’s own inner gifts that can be shared with all. Her book serves to remind us that we are all talented and if just trust that inner voice we can serve in greater ways than we ever imagined. It is an inspired work and Rosemary is a joy to work with.”
— William Fox, Headmaster, Philosophy Day School, New York, NY.

“Thank you for sharing your great enthusiasm with the children.  They loved your fun and engaging workshop.  Genevieve’s Gift teaches us all such a valuable lesson. ”
Betsy Schneekloth, Teacher, Sundance School, N. Plainfield, NJ.

“I loved the story because it’s message is a very important one to teach children. What greater resource is there than intuition to help you face the challenges of every day life? Children need to be reminded that they each have a great reservoir of strength inside, and your story does this in a fun and charming way.”
 — Aldona Pilmanis, Head of Children’s Services, Nyack Library, Nyack, NY.